Fitness in the morning in Winterthur – our bootcamp for your new years resolutions

Have you heard of the Bootcamp Winterthur Fitness? And have you already done your new year resolutions? How about 45 minutes of pre-work training? That’s only 2% of the time of your day and you have the power and motivation for the rest of the day.

Try out now: yes we do speak English – just contact us

Because summer bodies are formed in winter in Winterthur! Go and implement your best resolutions and get started with us! We do exercise always on Monday, Wednesday or Friday in the morning. We got 3 fitness coaches, 8 stations, maximum 18 participants: 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x per week to start with energy – hop into the shower and off you go!

We train indoors in the morning, we got lockers and showers and our own bus stop. Yes you heard right, always in the morning! That is the Bootcamp Winterthur Fitness.

Varied fitness in the morning

Always alternately, alone or in pairs – we change within our 8 stations. You decide how many times and whether you come alone or with your friends – because together it is always easier to follow the best intentions for the New Year resolutions.

You decide on the best form of your life before you get up – with us – training in the morning and feeling good for the rest of the day – how about that? We are located in the center of Winterthur – You can try 2 times for free!

We train from 6:45 – 7:30 so that you are ready at work after 8 o’clock. Try out now: yes we do speak English – just contact us

You get up a little earlier and already have your workout behind you! More time in the evening, a great feeling in the morning and a cool team that motivates and exercises with you at Bootcamp Winterthur Fitness.

So if you live and work in Winterthur, AXA, SWICA, the city of Winterthur, SULZER, RIETER or Technopark, the ZHAW, an architecture office, IT startup or in accounting – no matter where and how: we look forward to seeing you – because we are all united by one thing above all: motivation together to go the extra mile in the new year with the Bootcamp Winterthur.

Fitness in the morning in Winterthur for 45 minutes

Did you know that 20 minutes a day is enough to get fit, stay and, for example, boost your metabolism? We give you twice as much time and that with great music, exercise indoors and with a lot of energy and fun for the day!

We are the Bootcamp Winterthur – your fitness and exercise program in the morning – at Pflanzschulstrasse 36. Ideal for all who live and work in Winterthur.

Try out now: yes we do speak English – just contact us

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